What is VibCloud

What is VibCloud


VibCloud is a modern vibration monitoring and analysis platform that enables end user to quickly collect and analyse vibration data. By combining mobile and web applications delivers seamless yet powerful experience that will allow you to benefit of the preventative maintenance. Mobile app AKA data dog is responsible for data collection and on the spot quick analysis and diagnostic while web app is utilised to view actionable insights, perform in-depth analysis and deliver professional reports.

What you will need to start using VibCloud

  1. Vibration sensor (check our list of approved sensors);

  2. Mobile device (supported mobile devices list) and

  3. Analysis workstation (Modern web browser and Internet connection is all you need. Most of the internet browsers are compatible, however we do recommend using Google Chrome).

How VibCloud works

  • Build Database - Develop hierarchy structure, equipment, tasks, parameters, templates, limits and routes;

  • Collect data - Get out on the field and start collecting vibration data. Besides vibration data system can also collect photos, location data, free text and many other inspection parameter types;

  • Analyse - As soon as mobile device on the field saves the data to the cloud an analyst is able to examine supplied information and decide on a machine condition;

  • Report - Deliver professional reports with VibCloud modular report builder.


Getting started and https://itnnovate.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/VCH/pages/807731203 are excellent places to start your VibCloud journey. Should you require more support or you are after information that can not be found here please do not hesitate to contact us.





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