Equipment Status

This module was designed for user to have a quick access to the full equipment data, condition and criticality. All equipment are listed in a tabular format with drill down capability - option to see single equipment data. “Equipment Status” can be accessed from the home screen by clicking on the “Equipment Status” from the “Analysis” section or from the menu of the left within same section.

Top of the screen is dedicated for two graphs: (a) “Equipment Latest Condition” and (b) “Equipment Criticality”. Graphs present the aggregate of the equipment in associated condition or criticality pillar.

Equipment list below has following features:

  1. Filter – option to filter the list based on code, description, condition and criticality;

  2. Details – link to the single equipment page;

  3. Analysis - link to analysis module loaded with equipment data;

  4. Analysis Summary – link to analysis summary module for the equipment;

  5. Equipment code and name or short description;

  6. Status – Data collection status:

    1. Not part of a route – Equipment has not been related to a route ever;

    2. Not assigned – Equipment is part of route/s but not currently assigned;

    3. Collection in progress – Data collection process is not completed;

    4. Completed – All equipment parameters have been collected and saved to cloud;

  7. Info icon – presents list of active routes for the equipment;

  8. History – small graph representing the trend of the last few equipment conditions;

  9. Condition – latest equipment condition;

  10. Open to see equipment components;

  11. Create new equipment;

  12. Worst limit breach from latest measurement.

Single Equipment page

This page can be accessed by clicking on the details button at the equipment status page or from the “Map” module also by clicking the “Details” button on the modal pop up for the equipment. Page presents all information related to the selected equipment.

Please note from equipment page user can access:


a) Map – GPS Location of the equipment on the map;

b) Tasks and Routes – related tasks and routes equipment is part of and

c) Analysis Summary – access analysis data for the equipment