Data Collection Process

Manager assigns route to practitioner

“Assign Route” module can be accessed from the home screen by clicking “Assign Route” from the “Collection” section or from the menu of the left within same section.

To assign route to the operator:

  1. Select route;

  2. Select operator;

  3. Schedule the execution of the route has three options:

    1. Permanent – set it only once. No scheduling required, route is always available on the mobile application;

    2. Scheduled for a particular date – set date or

    3. Set scheduler so system can assign route on particular frequency;

  4. Click on “Assign Route” green button.

Practitioner synchronises mobile app with the cloud and receives scheduled routes

Synchronisation between mobile device and cloud can be initiated by simply swiping down on the main activity “Scheduled Routes” of the Vib Cloud – PRO mobile application. Synchronisation status is marked with the small progress indicator located below the header. When completed and if practitioner have any routes assigned to their account those routes would be presented on the screen.

Note: Practitioner to see permanent routes assigned to them they will need to open “Permanent routes” section of the application. This is done by opening the application menu from the top left corner and selecting desired option.

Practitioner collects data and does first pass condition assessment on the field

This is the data collection step where practitioner manually types data in the application or collects vibration data from the approved sensors. To reach to the parameters sections of the mobile application tap / select route (1) needed to collect data from the “Scheduled Routes” or “Permanent Routes” activity (screen). All equipment and associated tasks will be listed in the next activity, tap on the task (2) you want to collect data for. After selecting task mobile application provides an interface for data collection for all related parameters. For the vibration parameter you need to connect sensor and tap on the “Collect Data” green button. Below are associated screen shots.

For other parameters or if you require more information on the mobile application please check “Mobile Application” section in the “Help” module of Vib Cloud web application. Also in referred document there are further explanations on how to perform simple vibration analysis on the field.

Practitioner completes route

To complete route on the mobile app tap on the “tick” icon on the right of every route. Confirmation dialog will pop up outlining what happens when route is mark as complete.

Scheduled route confirmation: Do you want to mark the current route as “Completed”? If you proceed then the route will be marked as completed and will disappear the next time the data is synced.

Permanent route confirmation: Do you want to mark the current permanent route as “Completed”? If you proceed, the route will be marked as completed, all collected data will be saved to cloud and deleted from device.

After route has been marked as completed, notification strip will be colored green.

Note: For permanent routes practitioner should mark route as completed and save to cloud before collecting data for a different instance of the same route. Failing to do it will result in data overwrite.

Practitioner saves data to the cloud

To save data to the cloud first practitioner should make sure they have internet access on their mobile device. Once network is available practitioner can save the data to the cloud by swiping down on the “Scheduled Routes” activity or clicking on “Save to Cloud” button on the “Permanent Routes” activity.

Once data is saved to the cloud it becomes instantly available for the analyst to perform in-depth analysis on the web.