Review Data (web)

Data collection is mainly done from mobile devices. However, VibCloud provides an interface for the review of the collected data or some quick amendments. Please note, no data collection or editing can be done on vibration data. This type of data is only collected from mobile devices using supported sensors. Collected data can be accessed from the home screen by clicking “Collect / Review Data” from the “Collection” section or from the menu on the left within the same section. Please note small boxes being part of the menu, this is a small notification for the users on how many routes they should complete (orange box) and how many routes are overdue (red box).

The “Collect / Review Data” module is a list of routes in the system. On load, this list is filtered by the “Operator” – user that is currently logged in. The top section of the module is dedicated to the filter so users can quickly access desired routes data. Filtering can be done by setting options and applying a filter:

  1. Route;

  2. Operator – on the load of the module this field defaults to the logged-in user;

  3. Date range (From-To);

  4. Route status - Completed, Not Completed, On Target, Permanent, Overdue;

  5. Is the route scheduled;

  6. Click on the “Apply Filter” button.

Note: If the option for “Save last filter settings in Review Data form” is checked in the User Profile form, the application will remember those settings and apply them every time this page is visited.

Routes list, below the filter, will show all routes matching filter criteria. The route list (each route) has the following options:

  1. View Data – takes the user to a new module outlining full route data (more info below);

  2. Route completion percentage;

  3. Route information – quick overview of the route header, schedule date, operator, route status and completion percentage;

  4. Report – takes the user to a report module with the ability to generate a PDF report of the collected route data;

  5. Action Menu:

    1. Route Details – what, when and who is set to collect data;

    2. Notes - Preview of all notes related to equipment and parameters from selected route instance

    3. Re-Assign Operator - Option to change the operator (delegate route instance to another operator). Note: this feature is only available to users with the administration role. The new operator will be downloading data that is already collected.

    4. Scheduler - Option to manage route schedule or cancel it.
      Note: feature available only for routes where the scheduler is already set.

    5. Complete Route - option to manually complete current route instance. If the current route instance is defined as “Permanent”, a new route instance will be generated automatically.
      Note: feature available only for non-completed route instances and delegated to current user or user with administrator role.

    6. Complete and Close - option to manually complete permanent route and close it to prevent a further automatic generation of a new route instance.
      Note: feature available only for non-completed route instances defined as “Permanent” and delegated to current user or user with administrator role.

    7. Delete - removes route instance assigned to the operator. This function deletes all related data only for the current (selected) instance, not past data collection of the route.
      Note: available only for route instances delegated to current user or user with administrator role.

Data / Collected Data module

The user arrives at this module after clicking on “Data” from the route list discussed above. Here they can view or amend data. This module presents full information for the route it comes from:

  1. Route name;

  2. Equipment related;

  3. Data collection percentage;

  4. When the route was scheduled for and to who;

  5. All related parameters

    1. Task name

    2. Parameter name

    3. Parameter data

    4. Comment

    5. When data was collected

    6. Who collected the data

    7. Additional multimedia attached

    8. Option to clear parameter data

  6. Option to clear all data related to selected equipment in this route instance

  7. Option to save changes made on the web

  8. Option to complete route


Vibration and GPS parameters have complex data behind them and it is presented in the additional dialog.

For the full data collection process please check the following link.