Vibration Processing Sets

Vibration processing sets are the settings required for the vibration parameter to collect anticipated data. They can be accessed from the home screen by clicking “Processing Sets” from the “Database Setup” section or from the menu on the left within same section.

Vib Cloud comes with predefined processing sets. Please review those sets before creating your own as most of the measurements done are using those settings. For additional predefined sets please contact iTnnovate.

Creating new processing set

  1. Open “Processing Sets” module, explained above in this document;

  2. Click on the “Create new Vib Signal Processing Set” button on the right side of the screen;

  3. New modal window pops up outlining processing set form;

  4. Fill form fields:

    1. Title;

    2. Description;

    3. Sensor Type;

    4. Recorder Mode;

    5. No. of Averages;

    6. Percent Overlap;

    7. Averaging Method;

    8. HP Filter;

    9. Demodulation HP Filter;

    10. Demodulation LP Filter;

    11. F Max;

    12. Unit;

    13. Lines;

    14. Recording Time

  5. Click on “Save Changes” button

Functionalities of processing sets

Each processing set can be:

  1. Parameter List - List of all parameters where each processing set is selected

  2. Copy – Create same set again with prefix “Copy of “;

  3. Edit – Amend existing processing set;

  4. Delete – Remove processing set.

Parameter List

List of all parameters where selected processing set is selected.

List contains information for:

  • Parameter Path - full structure path to the parameter

  • Parameter - Parameter Name

  • Data - Number of measurements per Parameter