Response Sets

Response sets are predefined responses for the parameters of “Response Set” type. They can be accessed from the home screen by clicking “Response Sets” from the “Database Setup” section or from the menu on the left within same section.

Vib Cloud comes with predefined response sets. Please review those sets before creating your own. For additional response sets please contact iTnnovate.

Creating new response set

  1. Open “Response Sets” module, explained above in this document;

  2. Click on the “Create new Response Set” button on the right side of the screen;

  3. Add name or short description in the presented form;

  4. Click on “Save Changes” button;

5. Click on “Responses” button for the response set you just created;

6. In the new modal window click on the “New Response” button;

7. Fill description and value for the new response in the new modal;

8. Click on “Save Changes” button;

9. Do 6 – 8 for all responses you need to create

10. Click “Close” button

Functionalities of the response sets

Response set can be:

  1. Search – Look for existing response sets in the database. Enter search phrase and click “Search” button;

  2. Edit – Amend existing response set;

  3. Deleted – Remove response set.

Note: editing and deleting functions are disabled if response set is linked with parameter that is part of existing route assigned for collection or data has already been collected.