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VibCloud accounts are created by iTnnovate.


Each account relates to one physical user (person). It is a breach of the license if the account is shared among coworkers and can result in:


Data collection and handling of route data

  • Assign only required routes - reduce unnecessary traffic

  • Avoid assigning the same route multiple times at once. Consider using permanent routes

  • Synchronize mobile application applications with the cloud frequently, if possible on daily basis after every data collection. This saves data to the cloud and reduces Frequent synchronization:

    • Reduce the probability of any data loss in case of mobile device failure or theft

    • Lower amount of data is transferred to the cloud, thus synchronization is faster

  • Complete routes after data have been collected. Completed routes will be saved to the cloud and then removed from the mobile device allowing users to work only with outstanding routes


  • Synchronize all data from the old device

  • Remove (uninstall) VibCloud app from the old device

  • Install the VibCloud app to the new device

  • Synchronize your new device app with the cloud

  • DO NOT try to synchronize from both devices simultaneously. This can result in data loss.

Always use the most current application

Having the latest, most updated, app on your mobile device gives you the benefit of the most secure and efficient experience of VibCloud. Please make sure your app is frequently updated, if possible make this automated process. Alternatively:

  • Go to “Play Store” / “App Store”

  • Search for the VibCloud application and

  • Check and install if there is an update available